BPMA strives for pump market surveillance

16 February 2017

The BPMA (British Pump Manufacturers Association) continues to press the National Measurement Regulatory Office (NMRO), in their role as UK Market Surveillance Authority, to take all appropriate action to ensure that illegal pumps are removed from the market, and that all future imports are curtailed with immediate effect.

Market Surveillance aims to ensure that products placed on the community market comply with EU regulations and do not pose any safety or environmental threats for users and the public at large.

On 7th December 2016, BPMA representatives met with NMRO Executives at their headquarters in London and again conveyed its members’ frustration that to-date no discernible progress has been made. During this meeting, the NMRO confirmed that several ‘suspect’ circulator pumps had now been purchased in order to be tested. The results of the testing will likely be released in May 2017.