Caprari releases new PMXT ENDURANCE range

05 February 2018

Caprari’s new range of high pressure multistage surface horizontal pump series PMXT ENDURANCE is made completely of precision-cast stainless steel. The pumps are designed for use in extreme industrial applications such as reverse osmosis, sea water fire prevention, sea water injection, etc.

The range is made of AISI 316 stainless steel precision-castings, has balanced mechanical seals and performance values up to 100 bar pressure with top-level efficiency ratings. 

The Caprari axial thrust compensation system is present on the whole range, aiming to minimize the loads that persist on the bearings of the machine, giving the product a long life. The wear rings are replaceable and made in duplex with anti-seizing properties and are self-lubricated. This solution aims to minimize the gap between the impeller and the wear ring, improving hydraulic efficiency and avoiding seizure problems.