Caprari aids with drought in Sudan

09 May 2018

The Sudanese desert is home to a hostile environment, consisting especially of sand, wind storms and dry ground. These conditions make it difficult to build civil structures that improve the living conditions of the local population, who often go without basic necessities like drinking water. However, Caprari water management solutions has installed deep wells in the Wadi Al Malik desert.

Primarily using rainwater after treatment, the Nord Kordofan projects have allowed an increase in the continuous supply of drinking water by using the underground water resources of the north and southern area regions. In order to achieve this goal, more than 40 submersible pumps and more than 20 horizontal split case pumps of Caprari were used in the construction of water systems. All of these pumps are characterized by their resistance to atmospheric weathering and corrosion caused by sand.

Thanks to these projects, the lives of more than 500,000 people have improved and can better face the many droughts with easier access to the reserves of drinking water. This project represents one of several Caprari water systems present in the Sudan area, where the company has operated since the 1970s.