KSB presents augmented reality data glasses

28 May 2018

For the first time, KSB Service will be demonstrating at ACHEMA its new service-concept based on augmented reality. Supporting its pumps and valves services, the company will soon be working with data glasses linked to the internet or a smartphone app. With advice from an expert, the devices can guide users or technicians, either by video or audio, through their service work. The experts will aid by assessing the situation at hand through the eyes of the person present at the site.

This tactic will help technicians who are not pump specialists to carry out simple maintenance in a step by step process. The data glasses can also be used to transmit exploded views or screenshots that can then be viewed in the corresponding field. At that point, the required spare parts can be identified, and the procurement process can begin in preparation for for any work that might need to be performed by a KSB service engineer.