First Engine Change After 69,000 Hours

07 November 2018

After 69000 operating hours, it was finally time to replace the diesel engine on a PT series pump at Geverinck, a Dutch wellpoint dewatering company. "It was still working, but we did not want to risk it further for longer lasting projects".

It has been twenty years since BBA Pumps selected Hatz as its engine supplier for the PT wellpoint dewatering pumps. The philosophy, pump and motor perfectly balanced, was always central to the design of new diesel pump sets. This concept has delivered great results for the user. Hatz is proud to learn from satisfied customers that they achieve 30,000 to 35,000 running hours with their first diesel engine.

Clemens Geverinck, the owner of the dewatering and pump rental company, confirms that this was no real surprise to them. "We already had a few PT pumps with a lot of operating hours on the Hatz. We just change the oil and filters in time, make sure that the valve clearance is good and occasionally fit a new injector. In addition, we always keep the engine speed at the factory setting, and that’s all there is to it." Clemens says.

At an engine speed of 1500 rpm, the engine crankshaft has turned more than 6 billion times without the bearings being replaced. The PT pump from Geverinck was produced in 2004 and has therefore averaged 5000 hours per year on wellpoint dewatering projects.

Image Credit: BBA Pumps