Enerpac Announces New Hydraulic Pump

29 November 2018

Enerpac, part of the Actuant Corporation, has announced the launch of its ZC-Series cordless hydraulic pump. The pump combines the performance of an electric pump with the portability of a battery pump.

The ZC-Series cordless pumps are designed for remote locations that do not have access to power as well as interior locations where trip hazards, ergonomics or size could cause problems. The ZC-Series has a brushless 1.4 hp motor and 3-stage pump which maximises productivity while minimising heat build-up. Power for the pump is supplied by a rechargeable 82V lithium-ion battery.
The cordless pumps are intended for use in industrial applications such as foundation repair, rail maintenance and concrete post-tensioning. As the cordless pumps are quiet, they can be used in applications where noise and emissions from gas-powered equipment are a concern.

Valve options for single and double acting tools with the ZC-Series pump include a 3-way, 3-position manual control valve used with single-acting cylinders, a 4-way, 3-position manual control valve used with double-acting cylinders and a 4-way, 3-position manual control valve with locking and power seat functions.

Image Credit: Enerpac