Verderflex Features Touchscreen Technology

04 December 2018

Verderflex has announced that its Vantage 5000 peristaltic pump system features touchscreen technology and an intuitive operating system.

Alongside a ‘user-friendly’ operations menu, with colour-coded on-screen status alerts, the system’s internal memory enables users to save up to 30 dosing and batching programs. The Vantage 5000 also has a high turndown ratio for precise dosing control, leading to optimised chemical usage and reduced water treatment and processing costs. With its low shear action, it is suitable for pumping fragile biotech cultures and particle size sensitive water industry flocculants.

As a dry priming pump, the Vantage 5000 pumps off-gassing liquids including hypochlorites, eliminating vapour-locking dosing failures. The system also employs new technology such as analogue remote control action and a real-time event clock for timer-triggered operations.
Verderflex’s Vantage 5000 is compatible with a range of high-tech pumping applications in various industries, including water treatment, food and drink, and pharmaceuticals.

Image Credit: Verderflex