OCOR Announces Universal Pump Design

05 December 2018

San Diego-based OCOR Corporation has launched a new universal pump design, the Model V-820.  The design of the new Model V-8200 pump is based on OCOR’s Multiple Segment Lobe pump. The new design focuses on expanding the industrial flexibility of a single pump unit, delivering high performance and simplifying the physical machine design to reduce manufacturing costs.
Similar to the original OCOR Multiple Segment Lobe pump, the Model V-8200 is a positive displacement type pump.  It can transport many different types of media, such as water, oil, air and even semi-solids such as mud and sewage, in either direction, at constant efficiency and any desired rotor speed.

A high flow rate and a high pressure, non-pulsating flow is made possible with a single pass through with a near linear internal flow path.  In reverse, the new design can generate a deep air or gas vacuum without an adiabatic temperature rise within the transport region (cavities) of the rotors.
The simplified design features the use of identical components such as six identical, sequentially synchronised lobe rotors and two identical end plates which contain four identical bearings. There is also a series of identical seals that reduce the cost of manufacturing and simplify the assembly procedures.

Image Credit: OCOR Corporation