HOMA Launches Clog Preventing Propeller

20 December 2018

HOMA, the German pump manufacturer, has developed a submersible motor agitator for its HRS series with a new propeller design that prevents clogging. HOMA focused on the ability of the hydraulic system to withstand fibrous elements that do not disintegrate.

Submersible motor agitators are often used in the homogenisation and suspension of fluids. Stringy solid matter can, however, cause clogging which poses a significant threat to these systems. If matter gets caught around the propeller, it cannot turn as it should and the centrifugal output of the agitator rapidly falls off.

HOMA has focused on the ability of the hydraulic system to withstand such fibrous elements that fail to disintegrate. A new propeller design effectively prevents clogging while the stainless-steel construction is resistant to both corrosion and wear caused by abrasive elements.

The propeller was designed with the aid of a computer which allowed the company to conduct trials and detailed analysis of the results. HOMA was therefore able to target, analyse and improve the weak points in the propeller. Once the data had been analysed, HOMA designed its eight- and twelve-pole systems to include investment cast propellers, which allow particularly good flow optimisation of the blades.

Image Credit: HOMA