Hidrostal Provides Pumps for Flood Storage Facility

21 December 2018

Hidrostal Ltd, has provided pumps for the flood storage facility in London’s new £500 million Crossrail station located in the Canary Wharf.
Hidrostal provided three axial flow screw centrifugal pumps, complete with IP58/IP68 submersible motors, for the Flood Storage Reservoir Pumping Station. These compact low flow axial pumps will operate under normal conditions at a duty of 40 l/s per pump rising to a combined discharge rate of 263 l/s in a flood situation.

Crossrail is the new railway for London and the South East of England with plans to open in 2019. The Canary Wharf Crossrail station forms an artificial island in the West India North Docks. It stands within a 475 m length concrete box and extends up, into five upper levels of mixed-use development known as Crossrail Place.

The design of the Flood Storage Reservoir provides a landscape amenity for the area. This consists of a series of stepped terraced pools lying perpendicular to the dock. The pumping station is located in the lowest of the terraced pools and will pump amenity flows back into the dock. In a flood situation, the dock will weir into the Flood Storage Reservoir.

Image Credit: Hidrostal Pumps