Lutz Launches New Battery Pumps Series

10 April 2019

With the development of the new battery pumps B1 Battery and B2 Battery, Lutz has created a new dimension of mobility, battery performance, weight, life, capacity and ergonomics for the user. With the combination possibilities of the pump tubes in PP, PVDF and stainless steel in different lengths, a variety of fluids from different containers can be transferred.

The new BLDC motors have levels of efficiency up to 70%, high battery life and service life, low weight, low noise ≤ 70 dBA and are infinitely varied. Replaceable, high-performance Li-Ion technology enables a filling up to 2500 litres with one battery charge and battery life of 25 minutes at maximum speed. The new battery pumps from Lutz are mobile helpers in the daily working process.
The battery motor B1 Battery, with a performance of 70 watt, is is suitable for small to medium filling quantities and a low viscosity up to 200 mPas and low density up to 1.3 / dm³. 

The powerful 260 Watts B2 Battery Motor is designed for medium to large flilling quantities. Due to the extremely high performance with low weight, higher viscosities up to 400 mPas, higher pressures/flow rates and higher densities up to 1.6 kg / dm³ can be achieved. 
 Both motors have an automatic switch-off at overload.

Equipped with the suitable accessories, such as hoses and valves, the pumps can immediately be used and are convincing when pumping thin-bodied liquids, acids and alkalis.

Image Credit: Lutz