Grundfos to Digitalize Taiwan

11 April 2019

Grundfos recently introduced its new product range, iSolutions, which focuses on digitalisation and connectivity at the Taipei International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS).

In a bid to meet to meet Taiwan’s smart and sustainable manufacturing needs, Grundfos showcased several machine tool products in its iSolutions range. These connected solutions feature intelligent monitoring and adjustment features which optimise performance of the entire water system.

One of the products on show at TIMTOS was Grundfos’ E-motor. It has a built-in frequency converter and sensors that enable the motor to intuitively control pressure from the pump to match the system’s demand. This product offers significant financial and energy efficiencies over conventional systems, which run at constant speed and pressure regardless of fluctuating demands.

The Taiwanese government is aiming to transform Taiwan into a global manufacturing hub by pushing industry adoption of smart machinery.  Grundfos Taiwan’s general manager, Shih Hung Lin, said, “As global demand for Taiwan exports continue to rise, we anticipate smart development to be Taiwan’s next growth engine. iSolutions will be a key driver in the machining industry’s efforts to transform production to perform more effectively and efficiently.”

Image Credit: Grundfos