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Northern Ireland Water Expands with AI Technology

Samotics, a leading provider of real-time actionable insights to eliminate industrial energy waste and unplanned downtime, has grown the deployment of its AI-driven SAM4 system across Northern Ireland...
20 May 2022
nidec, synratm motor,

New SynRATM Motor by Nidec

As energy costs climb, the need for the highest level of energy-efficient pumping equipment has never been more critical. Nidec Motor Corp. has responded to that demand by introducing SynRATM, an innovative,...
19 May 2022
sulzer, internet of pumps,

The Internet of Pumps

A modern municipal wastewater system will rely upon numerous pumping stations and typically each one in the network contains its own control logic. Wastewater levels are detected by ultrasonic, radar or...
18 May 2022
Svanehøj, co2 carriers, northern lights,

Svanehøj Supplies Pumps for Northern Lights CO2 Carrier

The Danish marine pumps specialist has been awarded a contract to supply pump systems for two CO2 carriers that will transport liquid CO2 to the Northern Lights storage facilities in Norway. Proven experience...
17 May 2022
celeros, re-engineering solutions,

Pump Re-Engineering Solutions from Celeros

Celeros Flow Technologyhas enhanced its comprehensive pump re-engineering service, which aims to optimize pump performance and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) as well as renewing obsolete equipment....
16 May 2022
atlas copco, e-air campaign, portable air,

Atlas Copco Portable Air Launches E-Air Campaign

Atlas Copco Portable Air has just launched a broad communications campaign promoting the benefits of its E-Air electric compressor range. The campaign ‘Your Silent Partner’ stresses the substantial benefits...
13 May 2022
pumping machinery, new book, 3 volumes,

Pumps and Pumping Machinery - Made Easy and Fun

The 750 pages of the book (in 3 volumes) cover essentially all conceivable aspects of pumps – hydraulics, bearings, lubrication, mechanical seals and packings, cavitation, materials of construction, alignment,...
12 May 2022
watson-marlow, app, certa sine pump,

Watson-Marlow Launches App for Certa Sine Pump

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group recently launched an augmented reality (AR) app for its Certa Sine pump.The pump is renowned for meeting the highest standards in hygiene and cleanability, improving...
11 May 2022
sulzer, baton rouge, new facility, expansion,

Sulzer Begins Baton Rouge Expansion Project

Sulzer has begun the construction of an all-new 7,200 sq. ft. expansion to its Baton Rouge Service Center in Louisiana. Breaking ground in a ceremony on December 9, 2021, the project is designed to enhance...
06 May 2022
johnson controls, powertec pumps, acquisition,

Johnson Controls Acquires Powertec Pumps

Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart, healthy, and sustainable buildings, today announced the acquisition of Powertec Pumps Ltd, a leading provider of pump-related services.Headquartered in Reading,...
05 May 2022