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Improve Accuracy with New Lower-Flow Twin Screw Pumps

The popular Alfa Laval Twin Screw Pump comes in three new model sizes optimized to handle lower flow rates for hygienic applications across the dairy, food, beverage and home-personal care industries....
29 April 2021
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Wilden® Releases New Equalizer® Surge Dampeners

Wilden®, part of PSG®, a Dover company and a worldwide leader in specialty pumps, is pleased to announce the availability of its new Equalizer® Surge Dampeners – Integrated SD Series (ISD) bolted metal...
28 April 2021
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Oil Dynamics Supplies ESPS in Eastern Mediterranean

A team from Oil Dynamics GmbH recently finished a substantial water installation in a wide mountainous area in the Eastern Mediterranean. The German company supplied a turn-key electric submersible pumping...
27 April 2021
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KirloSmart: IoT-based Remote Pump Monitoring System

Kirloskar Brothers Ltd (KBL), a world-class pump manufacturing company with proficiency in engineering and manufacture of systems for fluid management, has always believed in setting new benchmarks in...
26 April 2021
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PumpMan® New San Diego Location Now Open

PumpMan®, a national leader in the service, sales, maintenance, and repair of pumping systems throughout North America, has announced the opening of its new San Diego, California, location. PumpMan San...
22 April 2021
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Graphalloy Bushings Working with Screw Compressor Pumps

The Graphite Metallizing Corporation has announced that their Graphalloy bushings are working successfully with screw compressor pumps to compress gases. Graphalloy material is self-lubricating, non-galling,...
20 April 2021
Pump Engineer, pump news, pumps, Samotics, asset health monitoring system, SAM4 asset health monitoring system

Samotics’ New Update to Asset Health Monitoring System

Samotics, a Netherlands-based provider of AI-driven predictive analytics, recently expanded its SAM4 asset health monitoring system to support medium and high-voltage equipment. The SAM4 monitors assets...
19 April 2021
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Ruthman Companies Grows National Sales Team

Ruthman Companies has recently welcomed Joe Hill as a regional sales manager for the Eastern U.S. and Canada. Hill will cover all the Ruthman Companies pump brands – BSM, Gusher, Nagle, RAE, Process Systems...
16 April 2021
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South of France Orders Two Abel HMQ Pumps

Abel will soon supply two Hydraulic Membrane Quadruplex (HMQ) pumps to a city in the South of France. The HMQ pumps will convey wastewater from a pumping station to a wastewater treatment plant 6 km away....
15 April 2021
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Sulzer Customizes Pumps at New Orleans Pump Station

Sulzer recently was asked to upgrade a 100-year-old pump installation in New Orleans, LA as part of a long-term program to improve the performance and resilience of the city’s water system. Built in the...
14 April 2021