Synavax releases thermal insulation coating

21 February 2017

US-based nanoscience specialist, Synavax, Inc., has launched the Heat Shield High Heat, an industrial thermal insulation coating (TIC), which is designed to provide effective insulation and corrosion prevention. The one-part water-based TIC can be used in a wide variety of industrial thermal insulation applications. 

The nano-engineered product is designed to withstand harsh industrial and outdoor environments and provide an economical spray-on application with no exterior jacketing required. The coating aims to quickly reduce hot surface temperatures to a safe touch range and eliminate the multibillion dollar issue of corrosion under insulation (CUI), all in a thin film, space-saving application.
The Heat Shield High Heat coating can be used for applications where a smooth finish is needed over industrial ovens, steam pipes and valves, brewing tanks, industrial furnaces, heat exchangers and marine vessel fuel systems.