Graco adds new electric pump to Husky range

07 March 2018

Suited to applications that require low pulsation and a smooth flow (according to Graco), the pump has a 2 inch (50.8mm) connection, is available in multiple materials, can transfer up to 530 litres per minute and can move solids up to 6.3mm in diameter. The pump is an addition to the company’s e-Series line of products — which include features typically inherent to electric pumps like self-priming and stalling under pressure, as well as increased pump control.

Additionally, the products feature reduced pulsation via a patented air-charged drive, which removes the need for expensive pulsation dampeners or surge tanks. Graco claims that using a combination of two pumps can ensure the continuity of the process against any obstacles, and the pumps are expected to excel in shipping — according to the company, a Dutch shipping company has already ordered two sets of the 2150e for use on its tankers.