At 75, Niels Due Jensen withdraws as Grundfos Chairman

08 March 2018

Niels Due Jensen, the long-term Group President and Chairman of the Board of Grundfos, turns 75 today. Jensen is taking this opportunity to withdraw himself from the position of Charmain of the Board of the primary owner of Grundfos, the Poul Due Jensen Foundation. Poul Due Jensen, the father of Niels, originally established Grundfos in 1945.

Says Niels: "Things are good at Grundfos, and I think that the softer values are being taken good care of, so I feel comfortable about handing over the baton. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have done so much for the customers in collaboration with skilled, engaged and competent employees through more than five decades.”
Niels leaves the position as Chairman of the Board of the Poul Due Jensen Foundation to former CEO of ALK Abelló, Jens Bager, as Jensen's daughter, Annette Due Jensen, steps into the board of the foundation.