ST9 Gas + Oil launches XGen Fluid End

04 April 2018

Houston-based ST9 Gas + Oil has released the new XGen Fluid End for frac and well service pumps. ST9’s XGen Fluid End uses patented K-urve technology that decreases impact energy on internal sidewalls by 56% and increases flow efficiency by 3.7%. This is combined with critical autofrettage, a proprietary process that minimizes detrimental factors and maximizes fluid end life.

Other attributes for the XGen Fluid End include: 
Oversized forging for structural rigidity 
Exceptional material cleanliness (lack of inclusions)
Tighter forging grain structure for product durability 
Highly refined shot peen process to reduce erosion 
Advanced geometry designed to reduce stress
Robot finished blends to geometric accuracy 
Best in class quality control processes

“The inspiration behind the XGen Fluid End is the fatigue and washout we see with our competitors’ product offerings,” said Chris Buckley, founder and CEO of ST9 Gas + Oil. “In order to stand out, we had to address the root of these problems and fix the fundamental flaws by using quality materials and revolutionary design, ultimately keeping production high and owning and operating costs low.”