Flotronic Unveils New Barrel and Drum Pump

11 March 2019

Flotronic has introduced its new barrel and drum unloading system, which combines the ONE NUT pump with their barrel unloading skid. This style of pump is designed for the hygienic and sanitary industries where avoiding product contamination is paramount.

The new system allows for the pumping of highly viscous materials out of the barrel at significantly increased flow rates. This system is built around Flotronic’s ONE NUT sanitary style pump, based on its 3A and EHEDG design. The system can be Cleaned in Place using the pump itself or on an external CIP rig or, because of its ONE NUT design, it can be easily stripped down for cleaning.

Using an inflatable seal also allows for minimal wastage. As the seal inflates it creates an effective seal while moving down the barrel and at the end of the process it deflates for easy removal. This means that challenging viscous fluids can be emptied from full size drums in a matter of minutes.

Flotronic can cater for any fibre, metal or plastic 200 litre/55 gallon drum or similar. The barrel unloading skid can be fully mobile or fixed in place.

Image Credit: Flotronic