Amarinth Provides Shorter Lead Times

14 March 2019

Amarinth has announced that it is offering a scalable, configurable range of pump seal support system Automatic Top Up Units (ATUs) which are designed and manufactured in-house and can be completed to meet short lead time contracts. 

ATUs enable the automatic refilling or topping up of Plan 53B barrier systems which maintain a constant barrier fluid supply through the seal system to the pump shaft seal, preventing leakage of the process fluid to the atmosphere.

Lead times are typically 32 to 40 weeks and packages have historically been specific to the end-user which significantly extends that. The ATUs, which are all manufactured in-house and can often be ready in under 22 weeks, while continuing to meet customer specifications and restrictive customer vendor lists for all instrumentation, valves and controls.

ATUs can be assembled to suit anything from a single pump to multiple charging pumps and in addition to the number of pumps. Manufactured from 316L stainless steel, the Amarinth ATUs are fully ATEX compliant.

Image Credit: Amarinth