New Power Pro ESP™ Electric Sampling Pump

02 April 2019

Q.E.D. Environmental Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of innovative environmental products and subsidiary of Graco Inc., has announced the release of its Power Pro ESP™ electric sampling pump. This electric pump utilizes cutting-edge pumping technology to achieve simple operation with sophisticated control.

The Power Pro ESP pump combines the benefits of the two common types of electric groundwater sampling pumps on the market today, the high-powered pump and the disposable pump, into one efficient unit. High-powered pumps offer strength, with substantial depth capability, but need a heavy, bulky generator to run. Disposable pumps are lightweight and easy to move, but are not as powerful and can be expensive to repair or replace over time. QED pioneered the methodology of low-flow sampling used across the world, and used this expertise to develop an electric pump for low-flow sampling with low power consumption and smart sensor capabilities.

The Power Pro ESP pump is an all-in-one system with controls integrated directly into the cable reel. It has the power to do the job and is easy to use. With this perfect balance, the Power Pro ESP pump outperforms the average electric sampling pump.

Image Credit: Q.E.D Environmental Systems