Iwaki Air Presents New Metallic Flap Valve Pump

10 May 2019

Iwaki Air has introduced its highly-engineered and specifically designed pump for challenging fluid transfer applications, the TC-X500 2ā€ Metallic Flap Valve AODD pump. The TX-X500 is fitted with a heavy-duty, mechanically actuated shifting mechanism and non-centering, coil spring assisted air motor, and resists stalling and freezing in almost all operating conditions. 

It achieves very high flow rates and discharge heads both reliability and efficiently. Designed with top down fluid flow configuration, top Inlet and bottom outlet to help facilitate the transfer of large solids or heavy, slurry-laden liquids efficiently. Heavy duty HNBR rubber encapsulated steel flap valves are capable of handling very large sized solids up to 1.77ā€ (45mm).

Image Credit Iwaki Air