CIRCOR Enhances Allweiler EMTEC-C®

13 May 2019

The Allweiler EMTEC-C® three-screw coolant pump introduced last year handles even higher pressure applications than before, increases overall speed and efficiency, and offers manufacturers one simplified pump suitable for keeping abrasive machine chips, particles and heat away from cutting surfaces in machine tool coolant service. 

Used in high-pressure machine tool coolant service for metalworking, transfer lines, grinding and deep drilling machine applications, EMTEC-C users can customize their solution from a variety of sizes and spindle pitch angles. The pump accommodates tank-top, submerged and horizontal configurations. 

The enhanced EMTEC-C continues to offer a lightweight, easy-maintenance three-screw pump solution that will go the distance with good, limited or poor lubricating liquids as well as abrasive fluids. Its patented reversed handing idler and integrated thrust compensation system, seal options, transparent backflow pipe and extra-long piston are all thoughtfully designed to improve durability and performance while minimizing flow loss.

Customers can order the enhanced EMTEC-C 100 bar option in screw pitch angles of size 20 now, and size 40 beginning in August. 

Image Credit: CIRCOR