Gardner Denver’s Robox Aqua Chosen by Gael Force Group

02 July 2019

Gardner Denver’s compact Robox Aqua blower technology has been chosen by the Gael Force Group, a manufacturer and supplier of feed barges for the aquaculture industry, to overcome challenging space restrictions on the company’s marine feed barges.

A common challenge for feed barges in the aquaculture industry is available on-board space and the Robox Aqua allows the company to increase its capacity and reduce its footprint. Due to its compact design, three side-by-side Robox Aqua units can fit into the same space as two conventional blowers. Its modular and stackable design also allows units to be installed on scaffold structures, making it ideal for barges with very limited available space. The Robox Aqua rotary lobe blower can allow for pressure up to 1000 mbar (g), volume flow up to 700 m3/h and motor power up to 30 kW.

The feed barges contain compressor and blower technology to help staff feed their stock. The feed pellets are susceptible to damage and can be easily lost while being conveyed. Therefore, the feed lines require low pressure, high volume technology to ensure the air flow rate remains at a suitable level when delivering feed to the fish pens via a pneumatic conveying system. 

Image credit: Gardner Denver