Ward Leonard Announces AC Induction Motor

08 August 2019

Ward Leonard, US manufacturer of electric motors and generators, has designed its WL29BC200 AC induction motor specifically for mud pumps and drawworks in both on and offshore applications. The WL29BC200 enables rigs to drill deeper and faster and has ISO 9001:2015 and ABS certifications and ATEX and CSA approvals.

The company says it is the oil and gas industry’s only 2,000 HP motor designed to fit into a 1,500 HP motor package. The new motor is up to 19 inches smaller and 10% lighter than other 2,000 HP motors, and allows for 33% more power density without the need to change existing frame sizes.

The high-power density WL29BC200 AC induction motor also features Ward Leonard’s proprietary intra-slot cooling technology, so it is also able to run cooler than other 2,000 HP motors. It’s also designed to withstand high shock and vibration conditions and has Certified Class H insulation, which allows it to handle any climate and hostile working environment.

Image credit: Ward Leonard