Gespasa Introduces Manual Rotary Hand Pump

15 August 2019

Bell Flow Systems’ Spanish supplier, Gespasa, has released the new BRM-88 ATEX manual rotary hand pump for the transfer of petrol, solvents and fluids compatible with Viton.

The new pump combines the MG-80A flow meter and the BRM-88 ATEX pump. The pump is adaptable for barrels between 50-200 litres and has a 2-inch BSP bung adapter for connecting to 205 litre drums and a telescopic suction tube which is adjustable in height to suit different barrel sizes.

It has a tempered aluminium alloy body, with an aluminium die-cast handle, and the seals are made from Viton. It is designed for pumping diesel, kerosene and petrol in hazardous areas, with a transfer capacity of 20 litres/min or 70 rotations/min.

The MG-80A (ATEX) mechanical aluminium meter can be attached to the BRM-88 pump for accurate transfer measurements. It is certified to ATEX IIG and can measure flows from 10-90 litres/min at temperatures from -10 ºC to +60 ºC. The MG-80A display can be configured for connection in eight different positions, so there are no restrictions to the placement or orientation of the flow meter.

Image credit: Gespasa