Wanner International’s New Hydra-Cell® Pumps

21 August 2019

Wanner International’s Hydra-Cell® pumps can operate at exceptionally high efficiency levels thanks to their unique, seal-less design. Higher efficiency translates directly to ‘lower energy costs’. 

The Hydra-Cell pump drive mechanism is submerged in a reservoir of oil, which keeps it permanently lubricated and allows power to be transmitted through the drive train with minimal frictional losses. With no dynamic seals in the pumped liquid to further consume energy, industry leading pumping efficiencies as high as 85% minimise Hydra-Cell’s power requirements. 

This compares with around 45-50% pumping efficiency for a typical multi-stage centrifugal pump and, as a result, Hydra-Cell pumps can frequently be fitted with smaller motors than would be needed to meet the same flow and pressure requirements. 

Hydra-Cell pumps have no internal process fluid ‘leak paths’ and exhibit no efficiency ‘drop-off’ as pressures increase and/or viscosities fall. 

Wanner has also turned its attention to improving pumping system efficiency with the introduction of Intelligent Pump Control™ technology, whereby changing system flow and pressure requirements can be met precisely and automatically, without resorting to wasteful, energy wasting, bypass systems.

Image credit: Wanner International