Grundfos Releases New Distributed Pumping System

16 September 2019

Grundfos, one of the world's leading pump manufacturers, has recently launched its Distributed Pumping System in Asia, which aims to help air-conditioning systems consume up to 50% less energy than current methods.

Conventional systems often use up a high level of energy due to issues such as over-pumping to compensate for discrepancies between the chilled water supply and return temperatures. The systems’ high energy consumption ultimately contributes to greater carbon emissions, driving climate change.

Grundfos’ Distributed Pumping System is a system capable of operating in optimized conditions at any time. It achieves this by intuitively regulating the flow based on feedback from temperature sensors, meeting the requirements of different building zones, and intelligently controlling energy consumption by always delivering the right flow. On top of reducing energy consumption and operational costs, this new system always achieves comfort for users of the building by ensuring a consistent building temperature.

The nature of Grundfos’ system also means that control valves are not required, removing the need for tedious and time-consuming balancing which also reduces the costs of the initial installation.

This approach is made possible by Grundfos’ MAGNA3 and TPE3 pumps – both ranges feature compact, intelligent circulator pumps fitted with built-in sensors, variable speed drive, controller and communication module, and state-of-the-art IE5 motors ensuring the highest efficiency. TPE3 is a dry-runner, vertical, in-line pump used as the primary pumps, while MAGNA3 is a wet-runner circulator used as the secondary pumps.

Image credit: Grundfos