Tapflo Releases Filter Press Pump Range

22 October 2019

Tapflo’s has released a new line of piston-diaphragm pumps for feeding filter presses. These pumps are designed for heavy duty applications in automotive production plants across Europe.

The Steinle pump transfers large quantities of liquid into the empty press as well as small quantities at high pressure when the filter press is filled. A feature of the Steinle pump is the high transmission value of the inlet air pressure (up to 1:3.3) to the outlet pump pressure. High pressure in the filter press means a better filter result, lower costs for the removal of the filter cake and a shorter pressing process.

German company Steinle Industriepumpen has been a Tapflo partner for more than 25 years. Steinle developed its own piston-diaphragm system to feed filter presses with a capacity of up to 18 m3/h and since then the design has been further developed five times. The professional relationship between the two companies has resulted in the transfer of production from Steinle to Tapflo. 

Image credit: Tapflo