New Stainless Steel Pump Series from HOMA

28 October 2019

HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH has developed a comprehensive range of stainless steel submersible pumps. The individual series CH, CTP, CMX, CV, CVX and CK are equipped with discharge connectors from 2" to DN 150. The CH430 series is characterized by a compact and robust design, which allows flexible use in the chemical industry and the transport of bilge water in shipping.

The units are made of resistant, investment cast stainless steel, which means vibrations are absorbed more effectively, with less resultant stress on the bearing and mechanical seal. This increases the service life and considerably reduces maintenance intervals.

Flow simulation at the design stage enables adaptation to the intended use, especially when pumping chemically aggressive and abrasive waste water, as well as liquid chemicals, pumps must be particularly resilient and robust. A common problem is that the shaft seal and cable inlet are attacked and destroyed by the fluids. This causes the medium to enter the motor housing, which – at worst – can lead to a total failure of the pump. In addition, the non-resistant metallic components corrode through contact with the aggressive media, which reduces the performance of the pump and can also cause a defect. 

Image credit: HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH