Tsurumi Releases New Titanium Pumps

07 November 2019

Pump manufacturer Tsurumi has released a new series of lightweight, submersible titanium pumps to address corrosion from water with a high acidic content. All pump parts that will come into contact with liquid are made of titanium. Titanium is 45% lighter than steel and twice as strong as aluminium, which allows the material to form an extremely resistant oxidic protective layer that will protect against the chemical attack of pumped media containing salt and chloride.

The TM series currently includes three pump types providing up to 350 l/min on the one hand and 15 m head on the other. Due to the weight advantage of the titanium alloy, the pumps weigh only 7.8 kg dry. In addition to titanium, the company also uses GRP for secondary housing parts and ultra-hard silicon carbide for shaft seals. The TM series also comes with encapsulated electrical conductors, a double inside mechanical seal and built-in motor protection.

Image credit: Tsurumi