Pump School to Run in January in Atlanta

27 November 2019

Pump School will be running January 20-21, 2020 in Atlanta.
Benefits of attending and possible topics include: pumps theory and hands-on assembly work on real pumps; live testing and performance generation (head-capacity, power, efficiency); read and understand pump performance curves: single pump, parallel operation of bank of pumps; hands-on exercises on setting of mechanical seals: component versus cartridge types, and more.

Additional topics:

- seals versus packings versus seal-less
- bearings and lubrications: oil versus grease, mist, forced lubes
- pumps on-line real time efficiency monitoring and vibrations tracking (overall and full spectral)
- NPSHA / NPSHR and cavitation demo: live testing and observation: cavitation versus air entrapment 
- field troubleshooting methods 
- field balancing techniques exercise of rotors - live field balancing testing
- class problems and examples for: water and wastewater, power plants, chemical, paper mills, marine, and others

Image credit: Pump School