SEEPEX Releases New DJA Technology for Pumps

28 November 2019

SEEPEX, a leading worldwide specialist in pump technology, has recently launched its Drive Joint Access (DJA) technology for open hopper pumps for dewatered and thickened sludges. The DJA is a detachable joint casing mounted on rollers, situated between the feed hopper and the pump-bearing housing. It enables engineers to reach the drive-side joint area, mechanical seal, plug-in shaft and gear box drive within just 11 minutes.

These kinds of pumps are typically located in tight spaces often obstructed by pipework and valves, making access difficult and maintenance a lengthy process.

The DJA technology aims to reduce maintenance time by up to 75% and reduce costs by up to 90%. The technology has already been installed at Thames Water, Anglian Water, United Utilities and a wastewater treatment site in Ireland.

Image credit: SEEPEX