Watson-Marlow Launches Sine Pumps for Drinks Production

02 December 2019

Watson-Marlow has launched its specialist range of technology for the drinks industry, which includes the Sine pump Certa. Manufacturers who have already installed this system have used Certa for metering syrup, providing gentle transfer and excellent CIP-capabilities.

Sine pumps are positive displacement pumps. The medium is gently carried from the inlet port to the outlet port. The seal from the pressure side to the suction side is guaranteed by a plastic gate located on the rotor. This simple design makes Sine pumps the perfect choice for transferring high-viscosity liquids because it is easily able to cope with viscosities up to 8 million centipoises.

For the drinks industry, the pump offers gentle pumping in a great variety of applications. In the drinks industry, sine pumps are used in all applications, where high viscous media need to be transferred gently, with low pulsation and low shear. This includes unloading frozen orange juice concentrate from tanker ships, as well as transferring yeast in breweries or handling delicate whey or cream in dairy applications.

Image credit: Watson-Marlow