HI Presents: Rotodynamic Pump Testing

09 January 2020

This webinar is a must for anyone involved in pump acceptance testing, including individuals that witness testing. It will be held on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 from 1-2 pm EST. 

The webinar will be presented by Mark Heiser, a Test & Validation Manager at Xylem Inc. – Applied Watter Systems. 

Participants will learn about the following: 
- Pump testing standards with primary focus on ANSI/HI 14.6 Rotodynamic Pumps for Hydraulic Performance Acceptance Tests
- Hydraulic Performance tests, Net Positive Suction Head Tests, Hydrostatic Pressure Test, and Motor electrical integrity tests
- Application of acceptance grade tolerance bands
- Pump hydraulic performance acceptance grades
- Selection of measurement equipment, setup and performing the tests

The webinar will last 45 minutes with 15 minutes dedicated to a Q&A session. Participants of the live sessions will earn one PDH credit.

More information here.

Image credit: Hydraulic Institute