Nevada Company Switches to Tsurumi Pumps

14 January 2020

A Nevada-based mining company has saved money by switching to Tsurumi’s pumps for their operations. 

Water plays a critical role in the gold mining process. Supplying water to the mill process consistently on a daily basis is an important factor in keeping the mine production flowing. The Nevada company was experiencing frequent pump breakdowns during its operation, ceasing work while the company worked to make repairs. The mining company had repaired its pumps numerous times, and after realizing how much downtime it was experiencing, they thought the issue was due to faulty repairs. 

The mining company chose to replace the previous pumps with pumps more suitably designed for this application, the Tsurumi GSZ-150 Electric Submersibles.

The new installation of the Tsurumi units implemented proper submergence to mitigate the possibility of cavitation. This Tsurumi model also features a cooling jacket over the motor to prevent overheating in case the pump needs to run when it is not totally submerged. The impeller on the GSZ-150 is made with a durable, high chrome impeller and is designed for more efficient water transfer than the solids handling wastewater style units, which were originally installed.

The pump is operating at 110 – 120 feet of head, pumping between 2,200 – 2,600 gallons per minute. The switch to the Tsurumi pumps was made, and they operate intermittently on the job site, between 75 – 90 percent of the time.

Making the right decisions and consulting with pump experts to ensure successful water management can make a big difference in how efficiently a mine can operate. 

Image credit: Tsurumi Pumps