Oberdorfer’s Pumps for Fracking Operations

05 February 2020

Oberdorfer, a division of Gardner Denver, manufactures pumping solutions that are designed to handle the rigors of the petrochemical field. Oberdorfer’s Chemsteel solution blending pumps feature a close-coupled adapter that links the helical gear pump to the shaft of an electric motor. The flexible coupling supports direct drive applications. The pump itself is offered in several materials and with several different bearing configurations to accommodate a wide range of common and highly corrosive liquids that must be pumped under pressure.

Several models are available with either stainless steel, Alloy C or a non-metallic reinforced polyphenylenesulfide housing. Gears are also available in 316 stainless steel, Alloy C, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyphenylenesulfide and polyetheretherketone. The gear and bearing design allows for trimming of the unit to maximize flow and meet minimum turndown ratios or is otherwise matched to meet specific OEM flow requirements.

The Chemsteel pumps are manufactured to extremely precise tolerances to prevent system contamination and maintain the integrity and purity of fluid media. They also support bi-directional operation and may be used in reverse flow applications.

Image credit: Oberdorfer