Quantum: Redefining Peristaltic Technology

17 March 2020

Plug and play with the Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) ReNu SU (single-use) Technology cartridge assemblies, provided with aseptic connectors and sterility assurance claim.

The Sterile ReNu SU Technology cartridge assemblies guarantee quick and secure fluid path connections. These products are released based on a VDmax25 study as detailed by ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11137 guidelines, to provide a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6 when irradiated to a minimum of 25 kGY. Standard ReNu SU cartridge assemblies include a range of aseptic connectors which enable sterile connections to be made in controlled non-classified spaces. ReNu SU Technology cartridges are fully manufactured in ISO Class 7 cleanrooms and are suitable for gamma irradiation at up to 50kGy. 

Quantum successfully combines application specific pump capabilities with single-use fluid path components such as the ReNu SU Technology cartridge, the popular BioPure range of barbs, clamps, gaskets and high pressure braided hose. For the first time, this integrated approach allows a considerable reduction in cost and time of pump validation prior to being specified into single-use systems (SUS).

ReNu SU Technology cartridges are supplied with an industry-leading validation guide. The guide includes a comprehensive set of biocompatibility data with material tests such as USP88, Class VI (in vivo) and USP87 (in vitro). Detailed extractable testing with a range of solvents in line with BPOG and BPSA guidelines has also been undertaken. The validation guide supports your validation process, reducing your overall time to market.

The secure and consistent positioning of the ReNu SU Technology cartridge in the pumphead—clamped firmly in place at its manifolds—guarantees a secure connection every time. Additionally each cartridge is supplied with a quick change kit comprising of clamps, gaskets and end caps all designed to keep the time it takes to replace a cartridge to a minimum.

Courtesy of Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group.