12 May 2020

In order to strengthen the global marketing strategies in accordance with the EBARA’s long term vision “E-Plan2030”, the company has launched the ANTENNA SHOP in Brazil. The store serves as a showroom to unveil and demonstrate new products. By hearing voices or providing after sales support, the direct communication with customers will be enhanced and make it possible to develop and launch products that meets local needs. 

Inside the 80m2 of the shop, around 150 pumps will be showcased among 2,000 models of EBAS products. Other than EBAS’s bestselling small sized single stage or multistage surface pumps, the brand-new products such as a solar powered pump or slurry pump to scatter compost on farmlands will be displayed. In addition to selling products, the shop will offer the technical support on repair, irrigation, fire distinguishing equipment and water supply and drainage systems for buildings, and plumbing pumps for factories. 

Feedbacks from customers will be incorporated to improve the existing products or develop new products, and then customers will see the outputs at the shop. In the meanwhile, technical advice or service quality that can be conveyed only at a real store, will be directly communicated to customers. Through these efforts, we will enhance the brand, further relationship with local customers, and contribute to the society. 

Courtesy of EBARA.