HI’s Virtual Pumps & Systems Fundamentals Course

04 June 2020

The Hydraulic Institute’s Pumps and Systems Fundamentals (PSF) Live Virtual Course offers participants the same instructors, training systems, course materials, personal support, and face-to-face engagement with instructors and other participants that they would expect to find in a conventional classroom. 

The PSF Live Virtual Course brings participants together in a virtual classroom, where they receive training from an expert via a live video link. Participants are interconnected via audio and video, enabling them to interact both with the instructor and with their classmates. Learners can speak to their instructor at any time to ask questions, request assistance, and instructors can provide hands-on support. 

The purpose of Hydraulic Institute’s Pumps and Systems Fundamentals Course is to educate and train new pump engineers, technical sales, pump system owners, designers, and operators on the fundamentals of pump and system design, including system hydraulics and calculations, pump and system curves, system components, factors affecting reliably and energy consumption, and control. 

The following topics will be covered at an overview level to accommodate the single day course: Importance of focusing on the pump system and optimization; Energy Consumption; System Hydraulics and System Curves; Pump Curves; Pump and System Curve Interaction and Control; Pump Fundamentals; Total Head; Net Positive Suction Head; Preferred and Allowable Operating Regions; Driver Fundamentals; Seal and Bearing Fundamentals. 

Reserve your spot at the 1-Day Live Virtual Pumps and Systems Fundamentals Course to be held June 25, 2020. If you have any questions, please contact Matthew Derner or training@pumps.org for more details. 

Courtesy of Hydraulic Institute.