The SAPORITI SAR 500 for Manufacturing Pump Screws

05 June 2020

The SAPORITI SAR 500 is a CNC machine that quickly manufactures pump and compressor screws by Disc Cutters with surprising features. 

The SAPORITI SAR 500 can easily machine workpieces up to 500 mm in diameter with cutter diameters up to 440 mm. Maximum workable length is 1200 mm. The milling head tilting axis reaches ± 50°.  

The machine is equipped with CNC Siemens 840D SL and motors with forced liquid cooling to reduce power composition and machine noise level. The linear axes run on precision roller bearings. The positioning accuracy is guaranteed also by the use of linear encoders. The chattering noise, which is typical of working with disc cutters, is cut down in this machine thanks to a special device patented by SAPORITI Company. The machine’s rigidity allows for high chip removal and very good surface finishing. 

To cover a wide range of working diameters, this machine can be equipped by two hydraulic rests with long blades that are easily interchangeable. The upper blade has hydraulic blocks to allow the fast traveling movement and assure the best holding during milling. 

Courtesy of SAPORITI.