New Series of Caprari 4” and 6” Submersible Pumps

09 June 2020

CAPRARI has introduced their new series of submersible pumps that combines the erosion resistance of their Desert line, and the industry leading performance of their Energy borehole pump line. 

The new 4” and 6” Submersible Pumps, for small and medium wells, represents CAPRARI's response for the need to combine long-lasting high performance within extreme and arduous environments.  

VALVE CASING: Ultra-reliable, high-precision cast AISI 304 stainless steel. Smooth extended neck to eliminate head loss and improve ease of maintenance.  

REINFORCED COUPLING: Extremely robust and reliable pump/motor coupling system. 

NO-BLOCK CABLE GUARD: Provides smooth contours for ease of installation and extraction from the well. This innovation also prevents the accidental detachment of the cable guard during these phases. 

DEFENDER® Caprari International Patent: Enhanced resistance against corrosion, the Defender speeds up component passivation in aggressive environments thus, protecting the pump from the very first moments of installation. 

Courtesy of Caprari S.p.A.