Pulsafeeder Launches PulsaPro Hypo Valve Addition

18 June 2020

Pulsafeeder, a global leader in fluid handling technology, has announced an addition to the PulsaPro family of Hydraulically Actuated Diaphragm Metering Pumps, with the introduction of the Hypo Valve. This valve is used for pumping effervescent fluids such as Sodium Hypochlorite.

The Hypo Valve is the latest innovation for the PulsaPro Pump Series and is designed to manage off-gassing in dosing applications. The Hypo Valve technology allows pressurized process fluid to cyclically flush liquid and vapors through the pump’s discharge check system, while maintaining high performance and chemical dosing accuracy. 

The Hypo Valve features a closed loop vapor-handling system and a uniquely sealed solenoid valve that automatically evacuates trapped vapors from the reagent head. PulsaPro Pumps, configured with the Hypo Valve, are self-priming for faster and more efficient commissioning.  With the addition of this technology, the PulsaPro pump efficiently handles off-gassing chemicals, such as Sodium Hypochlorite. It also reduces monitoring requirements and maximizes uptime for the system. The Hypo Valve option is integrated directly into the PulsaPro pump – so it does not require ancillary piping or additional equipment to effectively address Sodium Hypochlorite disinfection applications. 

PulsaPro Hydraulically Actuated Diaphragm metering pumps are known for their extreme accuracy and reliability in metering highly corrosive chemicals, in hazardous environments. For Oil and Gas applications, the PulsaPro family is designed to be fully compliant with API 675 requirements, allowing for the integration into Upstream and Downstream systems without exceptions. PulsaPro’s efficient architecture addresses a wide flow and pressure envelope, with minimal horsepower requirements, housed in a small, space saving footprint. 

Courtesy of Pulsafeeder.