Enerpac Launches Battery Powered, Rail Stressing Pump

22 June 2020

Enerpac has announced a new cordless hydraulic stressing pump for rail tensor and stressing applications. The Enerpac ZC-3404 stressing pump is a lithium-ion battery driven with a standalone power pack used in the aluminothermic track welding process. 

The Network Rail approved ZC-3404 pump is a three-stage pump, offering improved reliability and efficiency for track stressing. Compatible with other rail tensors using similar pressures, the battery powered hydraulic pump has no exhaust gases compared to petrol or diesel-powered pumps. As well as reducing the environmental impact of rail stressing, it provides a significant improvement in working conditions in tunnels and underground. In addition, it is approximately 50% lighter with improved ergonomics for ease of handling, and quieter with noise level below 80dB max.

The ZC-3404 uses a pressure hold function for operator safety during operation, together with a safety key to allow the pump to be safely left unattended during breaks. Technicians in the field have contributed and advised on the pump design. For example, the pump’s pressure gauge is mounted at an angle allowing the operator to safely maintain control over the pump, by standing at the side instead of facing the front of the pump.  

Weighing 34.8 kg (excluding battery), the zero-emission stressing pump uses an 82-volt lithium-ion battery with quick charger. The pump’s modular construction, and exchangeable battery, ensure ease of maintenance. 

Courtesy of Enerpac.