BBA Pumps’ Electrically Driven Portable Pumps

30 June 2020

As a manufacturer of mobile pumps, BBA Pumps sees electric motors becoming increasingly popular. Mobile electric pumps in stackable frames or sound attenuated canopies are equipped with a lockable compartment. This is where the electrical components – such as the motor control – are mounted safely and dry. The pump units can be configured with one of the motor controls listed below: 

DOL - With DOL delivery, the electric BBA pump unit is supplied bare without a lockable compartment or motor control. To prevent pump damage, the user must ensure a proper motor start method.  

STAR-DELTA - The electric BBA pump unit is supplied with a star-delta switch. This is only possible for pumps with a motor power up to 30 kW and sufficient available electrical power due to peak current during start-up.  

SOFT STARTER - The BBA electric pump unit is fitted with a soft starter. This motor control ensures a smooth start with constant acceleration, reduces starting current and avoids unnecessary mechanical stress on the pump. Another advantage is the linear stop, which prevents pump damage due to water hammer.  

VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE - The electrical BBA pump unit is equipped with a Variable Frequency Drive. This allows you to regulate the water flow and pressure by adapting the motor speed. In addition to energy savings, variable frequency drives offer many features and optimum pump protection. The unit is also equipped with a more powerful motor so that the pump can run up to 60 Hz. 

Advantages electric mobile pumps
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Extremely quiet during operation
  • No weekly trips to the site to fill the fuel tank

Courtesy of BBA Pumps.