BPMA Training Course Awards Perfect Score

11 September 2020

The British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA) recently awarded the highest possible mark to a student on completion of the Essentials E-Learning Course. In what is a milestone for the BPMA, since introducing its program of online training courses back in 2012, the maximum 100% mark has been attained by Shane Bates of KSB – a very impressive achievement. 

Over the past eight years, some incredibly talented individuals have been put through their paces on this course, with some extremely high marks being handed out, but none (until now) have secured the very top mark. 

In recognition of this attainment, and to help ensure his pump training continues apace, Shane has been awarded a free place on the BPMA’s residential ‘Certified Pump System Auditors’ (CPSA) course running from October 13-16, valued at £1750. 

Steve Schofield, Director and Chief Executive of the BPMA added: “We were thrilled to see Shane achieve the perfect mark, a first for this training course, and are delighted to offer him a complimentary place on the next CPSA course, which I’ve no doubt he will pass with flying colors.”

For further information on the October CPSA course and any of the other BPMA training courses, please contact Steve Smith on +44 (0)121 601 6691 or by email on s.smith@bpma.org.uk. 

Courtesy of BPMA.