Baker Hughes Makes Centrifugal Pumps More Efficient

15 September 2020

Baker Hughes is known for identifying supporting resources from top-notch, specialized organizations in key regions around the world. These resources come from Baker Hughes Channel Partners, and Houghton International just became the company’s newest one—focusing on API 610 centrifugal pumps in the UK and Ireland. The company’s signed a comprehensive agreement enabling them to provide overhauls, repairs, parts, replacements, and more with the proven advantages of Baker Hughes OEM service processes and technologies. 

This deal with Houghton International isn't just about repairs and regular maintenance, it's about injecting new technologies into old machines. Some of these pumps have been operating for 30-40 years—so the company’s ongoing knowledge and technology sharing with Houghton International will help improve pump efficiency and reduce energy consumption. 

Houghton International and Baker Hughes will work together to use their combined knowledge and experience to ensure that the installed base of pumps remain fit for purpose, modifying the design and upgrading the components accordingly to improve efficiency, save energy and extend the mean time between failure (MTBF). As an authorized Channel Partner, Houghton International will also be able to support the specification and installation of new Baker Hughes pumps across a range of sectors.  

Courtesy of Baker Hughes.