HI Helps Your Initiative to Increase Energy Efficiency

17 September 2020

The Hydraulic Institute and Pump Systems Matter specialize in pump system related training and technical resources designed to promote energy efficiency and improve overall reliability and performance in various industrial market segment facilities. 

Pumping systems account for a significant portion of a facility’s energy use and maintenance costs in many industries. In the majority of pumping systems, the energy added to the working fluid by the pump is much greater than required by the process. The excess energy added to the system not only increase energy costs; it also generates heat, noise and vibration that increase the system’s maintenance costs. The goal of the course is to understand how to identify, minimize and reduce expense by educating you on the variables that influence the performance of a pump system. 

The Pump Systems Optimization (PSO) Virtual Course will be taking place September 23, 2020. 
This course will provide in-depth instruction on the methodology and opportunities to increase efficiency and reliability in pumping systems. Pumping systems are amongst the highest energy consumers and frequently offer one of the greatest cost savings opportunity. Attendees will learn how to assess options to determine cost effectiveness while improving both efficiency and reliability of pumping systems.  

The PSO Virtual Course offers participants the same instructors, training systems, course materials, personal support, and face-to-face engagement with instructors and other participants that they would expect to find in a conventional classroom. 

For more information regarding the Virtual PSO Course visit pumps.org/PSAPtraining or contact Matthew Derner, Manager, Business Development, Pump System Programs at mderner@pumps.org

Courtesy of Hydraulic Institute.