EBARA Pumps Europe S.p.A. OEM Business to Expand

13 October 2020

EBARA Pumps Europe S.p.A. (EPE), an EBARA Group company located in Italy, is accelerating its strategy in OEM business. This will be part of the measures to maximize revenue through initiatives tailored to regional markets, in accordance with the regional strategy of EBARA’s medium-term management plan, E-Plan2022. EPE has increased its market share in the past few years by establishing the Industrial Business Unit (IBU). 

EBARA’s stainless steel pumps are used by OEM customers all around the world with a growing success. In 2016, EPE decided to focus more on the OEM market in offering machine building customers pumps made to their application combined with flexible support. IBU is a specialized department that actively develops customized solutions for OEM customers, based on their specific applications. 

Since EPE established the IBU, the sales growth rate has been increasing by more than 10% each year in OEM market. They are currently working on a new products development schedule that might bring further success. Based on its technology and trust from the market since the foundation, EBARA will also strengthen the global product development system which enables to provide solutions to its customers in a fast and flexible manner. 

Courtesy of EBARA.