Sundyne’s Gearbox Exchange Program Offers MRO Savings

14 October 2020

Sundyne, a global leader in the design and manufacture of API compliant pumps and compressors for the oil & gas, refining, power generation, chemical and water treatment industries, announced an expansion to its Gearbox Exchange Program that provides greater financial incentives for customers while also shortening delivery time for exchanges anywhere around the globe. 

The gearboxes operating in Sundyne pumps and compressors are designed and built to last for decades.  Thousands of units have been operating in refineries, chemical plants and other industrial plants for decades, and many are approaching the point where they would benefit from an overhaul. 

Sundyne’s Gearbox Exchange Program offers a convenient and affordable way for operators to update and improve the performance of their Sundyne equipment:

 - Gearbox replacements can be administered in a bolt on fashion;

 - Delivery times for customers in Asia have been reduced from weeks to days, due to Sundyne’s expanded footprint in Singapore;

 - Customer credits for turning in an existing Sundyne gearbox have been increased (and are now up to $10,000 USD in most cases).

The Sundyne Gearbox Exchange Program can be applied to any Sundyne LMV, LMC, BMP or BMC gearbox.  Once a customer’s request is received, Sundyne will ship the gearbox while the old unit is returned for a rebate.  Gearboxes received through the Exchange Program include a 12-month warranty from start-up, or 18 months from shipment. For more information on the Sundyne Gearbox Exchange Program, please visit:

Courtesy of Sundyne.